Wild Nettle Tea

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We get our wild nettle tea from Nettle Felt Better, a farm right here in Michigan.  The nettle is grown and harvested on the farm where it is dried and bagged in a ritualistic style based on the teachings of a local shaman.  You'll notice that the nettle is not ground up but instead is picked, dried and bagged as it is.  This is to maintain the natural health benefits of the tea as well as to maintain what the shaman refers to as its aura and spirituality with Mother Earth.

Nettle has so many wonderful health benefits.  We encourage you to do some research where you will find information on maintaining sugar levels in the body, arthritis, pain and a whole lot more.

How to steep your tea:  Bring water to a full boil; put about 1-2 tablespoons of your nettle into a tea ball or sieve.  Pour boiling water over nettle.  You can steep anywhere from 6-20 minutes.  Add honey if desired or combine with a sprinkling of other dried herbs and fruits such as hibiscus petals or dried orange rind to add additional flavor.  Or just drink it alone!

Ingredients:  dried nettle leaves

Net Wt. 1 oz/30 grams