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Our Black & Tan Mechanic's soap is truly high end.  Mechanics and anyone working with their hands are classy people deserving a pampering wash!  This soap is loaded with good things.  First, we made this soap with Guinness stout because of its lathering qualities and gentleness on the skin.  We layered this soap and called it Black & Tan after the popular beer cocktail of the same name. 
Our bottom layer is loaded with activated bamboo charcoal and pumice.  The top layer has pumice as well. We also added skin loving aloe vera juice for extra soothing qualities.  Our final duty was to drop in a generous splash of chamomile and calendula infused olive oil just before pouring the soap to treat the skin to added gentleness after a rough day of work!   Classy!
Ingredients:  Saponfiied oils of: Coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, olive oil, sunflower oil*, shea butter*; water, Guinness Stout, Aloe Vera Juice*, pumice, calendula and chamomile infused olive oil*, activated coconut charcoal
*Denotes an organic material