African Black Soap
African Black Soap

African Black Soap

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Our African Black Soap (ABS) is 100% legitimate.  You may see other soaps out there with some ABS blended into their soap.  There also are ABS melt and pour soaps out there.  None of them are 100%.  Our soap is direct from Ghana, Africa.

We had to cut and press this soap into our mold and then compress it to make it into a nice hard bar.  It lathers beautifully and feels magnificent on the skin.  Read on about the benefits of this soap.

African black soap is a prized ingredient in beauty, not the least of which is because it's considered safe and beneficial for all skin types. It has been touted for use with rosacea, acne, even aging skin.  However, while some find the soap moisturizing, others may find it drying, even going so far to say that it tingles. 

At first use, even people with oily skin may notice that their skin feels dry and tight. This might last for a week. This is caused by the soap drawing out impurities and excess oils; the pH levels of the skin will balance out after a few days. The soap may also cause a tingling or burning sensation, leading to temporarily reddened skin. This also eventually resolves for most people, but before going full-throttle and using African black soap on your face, do a patch test on another part of your body and, of course, if irritation continues, discontinue use.

When it's exposed to the air, black soap can develop a thin white-colored film—this is not mold.  Because authentic African Black Soap contains glycerin due to saponification (just like all handmade soap contains glycerin), you want to keep it dry between uses because glycerin is a humectant.

Net Wt. 2.85 oz

Ingredients:  Saponified cocoa pod ash and plantain peel ash, cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, carrot oil, neem oil, canwood (a skin care herb)