Your Skin

What are the differences between our handmade soaps, lotion, body butters and their mass-produced counterparts?

Plant-Based vs Animal-Based

Most commercial companies use animal fats to create their soaps. Except for our Goat’s Milk Soap, ArtiSun Soaps only uses plant oils in its products.

Naturally Retained Glycerin

When soap is made, it naturally produces glycerin, a humectant that not only draws moisture to the skin, but protects it from the harshness of our environment. The big commercial companies press out the glycerin from their soaps to use it in other products such as lotions, shampoos, foods and more. They make more money by using their glycerin elsewhere. The end result for you, the consumer, is dry, unprotected skin that, over time, shows its wear. You then slather on a commercial lotion that contains all kinds of chemicals you’ve never even heard of to help the dry, itchy skin. Your pores are blocked, clogged, and your skin loses its vitality, not to mention the chemicals that are absorbed into your system with sub-par products.

Free of Harsh Chemicals

Remember – your skin is the largest organ in your body. It breathes, takes in oxygen and absorbs what you put on it. Over time, putting products on your skin that contain such things as aluminum, DEA, FD&C colorants, parabens, phthalates and a variety of other chemicals have been shown to cause illness – including respiratory problems, links to cancer and other diseases. Treat your skin well. It ingests what you put on it.