Fido & Fifi Dog Soap

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Our Fido & Fifi soap is just what your dog needs for a good clean bath without sulfates, without nasty chemicals and without perfumes!  Dogs don't like perfumes.  It messes with their olfactory and causes stress and anxiety.  Don't do that to them! 

This soap is made with wonderful ingredients that nourish your dog's skin, condition the fur and help to prevent flakiness.  The added bit of neem oil we put into this soap not only helps to add shine to the fur but it helps to keep those nasty fleas and ticks at bay naturally!  It bubbles beautifully and rinses clean.  Best part is that we put it on a jute rope to hang it up while washing.  Simply wet your bar of soap, wet Fido (or Fifi) and rub the wet bar of soap back and forth over your dog's coat, working up a luxurious lather.

Ingredients:  Saponified oils of:  Coconut, olive, rice bran, sunflower, neem seed, castor, avocado, flax seed, shea butter; Additional ingredient: ground oatmeal.