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Our lip balm is not your average lip balm.  Rich in skin-loving jojoba and coconut oils, one application will do you for a very long time. 

In addition to jojoba and coconut oils, we use all natural beeswax along with cera bellina wax, a derivative of beeswax, where some (not all) of the fatty acids in the beeswax are actually removed to improve gelling of the oils and oil retention. Smooth, soft products with a satiny feel on the skin are the result.

The jojoba and coconut oils are nourishing and the combination of all of the ingredients provides a nice glide on the lips without feeling sticky.  Choose peppermint or bubblegum flavors and protect and nourish your kisser!

Ingredients:  Coconut oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, cera bellina wax, flavoring, mineral colorant