Whipped Chocolate Mousse Bubbling Sugar Scrub

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This decadent scrub is made only for the winter months.  Made with real cocoa, extra virgin olive oil, cream soap and pure cane sugar, this creamy whipped sugar scrub lathers, exfoliates and moisturizes all at the same time.  

We pipe these wonderful scrubs into the jar in order to get as much as possible into every bit of that jar.  While the photo shows the freshly piped scrub, due to settling, it may not have this same piped look when it gets to you.  Regardless, the wonderful results are just as amazing as the piped scrub looks!

These scrubs are made by our owner, Sue!

Net Wt. 6 oz/170g

Ingredients:  pure cane sugar, vegetable glycerin, distilled water, sodium cocoyl isethionate (coconut oil derived surfactant), stearic acid, coamidopropyl betaine (coconut oil derived surfactant), sunflower oil, organic cocoa, fragrance, phenoxyethanol & sorbic acid & caprylyl glycol (preservative)

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